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Welcome to KarmelKorn's Kingdom!!

Greetings! and welcome to my kingdom! You now stand in The Gate, from here you may reach even the farthest branches of my small kingdom. I have recently deleted my page with Angelfire, and have decided to establish my realm hear...among Tripod. And personally, I was kinda getting tired of my old know... So, have a look around, and enjoy yourself. If there are any broken links or mistakes, please accept my most humble apologies, and please excuse the mess. But before you leave, or even as you enter. Please leave a record of your visit to my Kingdom.

See my royal guests and list yourself among them!

I was gone on vacation and have just returned. If you have signed up for any awards, or anything, don't worry, I'm working on getting all those out and whatever else. Thanks for coming!!

The Branches of My Realm

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A humble inquiry about my esteemed guests.

A list of things that are displeasing to the ruler of this kingdom.

See if you have what it takes to earn the highest honor I can bestow upon your page.

See the worthy pages that have won my award.

Meet the cyber pets that I have adopted.

See the Honors bestowed upon my page.

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By the way, if it bothers you that the greens are different colors...too bad.....I like it!! hehe!!